M1 Hybrid Fixture
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M1 Hybrid Fixture

Flexible installation, mount on gondola or standard retail shelving or freestanding countertop.

$ 500.00 USD
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Product description

The M1 Hybrid fixture is designed for flexible deployment. Simple and convenient gondola or standard shelving compatibility or freestanding tabletop.

  1. Multiple sizes hold 4 or up to 8 M1 Dispensers.
  2. Storage and loading station included with each fixture.
  3. 4" catch tray.

Product features

Loading arm for convenient dispenser filling, catch tray for spills, and storage. Bracket for

Additional Info

  • 4' section with 8 dispensers is designed for US standard gondola shelving.
  • 2' section with 4 dispensers designed for for corporate campuses and freestanding countertop installations. Not standard gondola compatible.


  • Available in USA & Canada.
  • Expect 60 days for fulfillment.
  • If you have any problems with your order, feel free to send us a message at refill@purcell.eco

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