S1 Dispenser
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S1 Dispenser

Tare-free bulk dispenser and refill system

$ 3,400.00 USD
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We are a team obsessed with refill systems. Our engineers have meticulously designed our products to the highest standards making Purcell dispensers the most reliable in the world today.

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    Modern, convenient bulk experience

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    Standardization simplifies operations and labor

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    Enable plastic-free shopping

Product description

The worlds first and best tare-free refill system. The S1 Dispenser make shopping plastic-free a breeze. The S1 features active displays providing real-time feedback on the weight and price.

  1. Low-waste: bring your own container for refill or single-use bags provided.
  2. Convenient: A standard format makes it a breeze to locate prices, nutritional info, or your favorite brand.
  3. Custom dose: get a handful or enough for the whole party. As you're dispensing wieght & price are shown.
  4. Affordable: efficient supply chain unlocks unrealized value.

Additional Info

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  • Ships to USA & Canada.
  • Expect 60 days for fulfillment.
  • If you have any problems with your order, feel free to send us a message at refill@purcell.eco

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