SmartBin Sensor
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SmartBin Sensor

SmartBin Add-on sensors automate checkout with automatic PLU identification.

$ 20.00 USD
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Product description

The SmartBins sensor system integrates with the M1 dispenser allowing for a more streamlined user experience. Requires purchase of SmartBins Kiosk.

  1. Automatic product identification.
  2. View dispenser usage and estimate inventory and product trends.
  3. Sales data visualization to understand seasonal trends and consumer buying habits.
  4. Reduce checkout time and shrink with printed PLU.

Additional Info

The SmartBin sensor system requires a kiosk which includes a tablet, printer, and scale

  • NTEP & OIML certified scale for US and European use.
  • Linerless label printer
  • Touch screen interface

We recommend up to 75 sensors per kiosk but there is no limit as every bulk food aisle is different. Multiple kiosks can serve a large bulk aisle.


  • Ships to USA & Canada, EU, and Australia.
  • Expect 60 days for fulfillment.
  • If you have any problems with your order, feel free to send us a message at

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