S1 Dispenser


The S1 introduces a new way to merchandise with modern dispensers. Stores can reduce labor and increase profit margins on sales. Brands can showcase their products with intelligent marketing.

Benefits (compared to prepackaged)


Silver ion Ag+ infused antimicrobial nozzle with touch-free controls

Increase sales per sq./ft.

Stock 2x the product by weight in
thesame space as prepackaged

Reduce labor

75% less stocking
30% less receiving + backroom sorting
90% less fronting/facing

Automated inventory management

Enable just-in-time fulfillment

Lift profit margins

Thanks to a hyper-efficient bulk supply chain and reduction in packaging related costs

Growth market

1/2 of grocery shoppers prefer food with minimal packaging Mintel study, 2015

Better value all-around

Higher profit margins for you and more affordable prices for your customers

Differentiate your brand

Highlight your product and let customers try samples

Data analytics

Targeted advertising, price optimization,
digital marketing, etc.


Eco bulk supply-chain, plus plant-based bags and reusable jars


Efficient supply chain unlocks radical savings that can be passed down to shoppers

Just the amount you need

Get a handful or enough for the whole dinner party. As you're dispensing, the weight & price is shown

Easy information

A standard format makes it a breeze to locate prices, nutritional info, or your favorite brand

Data driven insight

Automated replenishment

View capacity levels for just-in-time delivery

Push promotions instantly

Discount nearly expired items

Sales data visualization

Understand sales history, trends,and consumer buying habits

Manage cleaning schedule

Based on shopper usage

Targeted marketing

Based on geography or demographic

Price optimization
Instantly update

With live A/B testing of marketing graphics/content

Track shopper behavior

Traffic, views, and engagement