Purcell (formerly SmartBins) is an innovative retail merchandising equipment company based in Santa Cruz, California. We are a product-driven team with deep roots in design and engineering. Our mission is to advance ‘packaged-at-purchase’ retailing to realize the benefits of a hyper-efficient bulk supply chain.

Our Story

David and Russell (two of 5 brothers) started Purcell after realizing the answer to reducing household trash relies heavily on the elimination of excessive food packaging. Food packaging comprises ~75% of American household waste, the largest single component in landfills. Food packaging relies heavily on plastic which is causing worrisome pollution. Purcell is dedicated to bringing bulk food from niche to mass-market to solve the problem of excessive packaging.

Our success

Piloting with:

One of world’s largest CPGs
One of largest private US companies
FANG company (now pending COVID)

Retail Top Pick 2018