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Less Labor, Less Plastic

Purcell Dispensers minimize spills, jams, and cleaning time, reducing your labor needs by up to 50%.

Purcell's plastic-free Refill Cartridge helps, too. Its standard size and shape seamlessly fits every Dispenser, reducing both refill time and food spoilage. That takes serious cost out of your business!

Bulk food dispensers with sustainable refill cartridges. Eliminate plastic refill. Coffee, cereal, candy, groceries, and snacks. Shop deals.
A line of bulk gravity dispensers showing a range of food that could be dispensed at a grocery store or corporate campus

Engaging Grocery & Snack Experience

The bulk grocery aisle hasn't changed in 50 years. Until now.

3x Brand Space: Purcell Gravity Dispensers' modern look & feel engage shoppers and snackers.

Replace Unpopular, Unhygienic Scoop Bins: Dispense more foods, like flour and chips.

Say Goodbye to Facades with trapped, stale contents. With Purcell, you only show fresh food.

Up to 50%
Lower Labor
Up to 50%
Less Shrink
Up to 100%
Higher Sales
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please reach out:

Why does the M1 come with 4 dispensers? I only need 3.

We are able to offer the best dispenser at a competitive price due to standardization. By standardizing our boxes and pack out we can pass significant savings on to you.

How many levels of dispensers can I stack?

You can comfortably stack the 2 rows of M1 dispensers on gondola shelvings. Three is possible however the lower row can be outside the range of average ergonomic comfort.

Do you offer scoop bins?

No. We invented the M1 to offer an alternative to scoop bins as we find them difficult to use and unhygienic. The M1 can reliably dispense most products found in scoop bins.

Are there products that do not dispense?

Sadly, yes... Brown sugar, table salt, dried mango (and other large products that stick to themselves), and products over 25mm or 4" *.
*some larger products do dispense and we would be happy to test for you.

How do I order loaded cartridges?

SunRidge Farms offers filled cartridges for the M1 dispenser.

What nozzle size do you recommend for the M1?

Medium nozzle food product examples:
Powders & spices, small to large candy & confection, breakfast cereals & granola, nuts and trail mix.
Non-food product examples: Pet food and treats, powder soap, detergent tablets and powder.

Large nozzle food product examples:
Chips, crackers and cookies, flour, powders & spices, extra large candy & confection, some dried fruit.

Do you offer international shipping?

We currently ship to the US, Canada, Mexico, and the EU. If you are outside of these areas, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What does the 30-day warranty cover?

Our warranty covers any issues, no questions asked. We believe our dispensers are the most reliable in the world and we stand behind that. If there are any problems, we will do our best to make it right.

Do you have an in-person showroom to see the products?

Email us at to organize a time to meet in Santa Cruz, California.

Can I buy the S1?

We have put production of the S1 on hold for the next 2 years. Please reach out and we can put you on a waiting list!

Do you build liquid dispensers?

No, but we can recommend Wonderfil for liquid dispensing.

Where is your showroom located?

We have showrooms in Santa Cruz, California and Zurich Switzerland. Email us at to set up a time.

Do you offer discounts?

We cannot offer discounts. However we do have price breaks on orders starting at 1,000 dispensers. We do this by standardizing pallet pack-outs and dedicated manufacturing runs. Smaller orders must be broken up which causes additional fulfillment and operational effort and shipping costs.

Can you expedite my order?

We can expedite shipping however this often doubles the cost and has a high carbon footprint. Please plan a few months ahead so we can get your dispensers to you on time!

How do you accept payment?

You can pay by most standard forms including credit or debit card or corporate payment standards.

What are your payment terms?

For purchases under $50,000 we require 100% upon purchase.
Larger orders we require 50% upfront and 50% upon delivery.

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Up to 50%
Lower Labor
Up to 50%
Less Shrink
Up to 100%
Higher Sales
A line of bulk gravity dispensers showing a range of food that could be dispensed at a grocery store or corporate campus

Engaging, Refreshed Experience

The bulk aisle hasn't really changed in 50 years. Until now.

Purcell Dispensers engage shoppers and snackers with a sleek look & feel. The patent-pending design allows you to dispense more products, like flour, pasta, and chips, so you can replace unpopular, unhygienic scoop bins. There's no facade with trapped, stale contents–instead, the viewing panel shows off fresh food.

Less Labor, Less Plastic

By minimizing spills, jams, and cleaning time, Purcell Dispensers reduce the labor required to operate a bulk food program by up to 50%.

Purcell Refill Cartridges not only have zero plastic, they eliminate the need for that 50 pound bag of flour sitting in your backroom. Think of the Cartridge like a shipping container: the standard size and shape seamlessly fit every Dispenser to reduce refill time and spoiled products.

Bulk dispenser for food, cereal, coffee, snacks