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The Hidden Cost of the Bulk Food Aisle
Financial Benefit
May 6, 2024

The Hidden Cost of the Bulk Food Aisle

Purcell Dispensers Have a 60% Lower Total Cost of Ownership


The bulk food aisle is the unsung hero of the grocery store. Bulk gives better prices and more choice.  For grocery store managers, it's a no-brainer: the margin on bulk can be up to 2x margins in shelved aisles. And it's great for the planet–75% of household waste is food packaging and bulk removes the package.

But when evaluating whether to offer or expand their bulk aisle, grocery managers often overlook their biggest cost. It isn't the dispensers themselves. Or even the installation.

The biggest cost is cleaning the bins over their lifetime (7 to 10 years).

The most common alternative bulk bin provider has cleaning costs that can be up to 5x the initial capital expenditure. That's assuming one deep clean and one quick clean (just wiping it down) per month (the industry recommends weekly cleaning).

What is cleaning costing you? Find out with this TCO calculator.

If your store has 100 gravity bins and you pay the people who clean your bins $17.50 an hour, you will pay $10,500 in labor fees in just one year assuming you are using the common alternative. That's because each bin takes at least 20 minutes to deep clean. That's 600 hours a year.

Purcell Dispensers Have a 60% Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Purcell bins clean in less than half the time. With only seven parts, disassembly can be done in less than a minute and the whole thing can go right in the dishwasher. Plus, installation costs are less than half of the alternative's. All in, Purcell offers you 60% lower TCO.

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